Reading Clinic

specialised assistance to improve your child’s reading.

We provide specialised reading assistance for low-progress readers, particularly students with dyslexia.


Canberra Reading Clinic provides specialised assistance to improve your child’s reading.

It can be distressing for a parent to realise that their child is not reading like everyone else. Their concerns are invariably placated with a “wait and see” approach. So they wait and see, but the problem persists. Sound familiar?

Why Canberra Reading Clinic?

Specialised Services

We provide specialised reading assistance for low-progress readers, particularly students with dyslexia.

Experienced Staff

Our team has an excellent reputation and take great delight in being an integral part of a struggling reader’s progress.

A Variety of Programs

We offer a variety of programs to ensure that your child will improve their reading confidence and ability.

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What our parents and students say

We cannot speak more highly of the staff and our experience at the Canberra Reading Centre.  We were recommended to seek out their services after our bright and intelligent 7-year-old was diagnosed with ADHD (inattentive-type), Dyslexia and Dysgraphia.  Apart from falling behind his peers at such a young age, we were concerned that his self-esteem would suffer because he had already noticed that he was behind in certain areas. 
The professionalism and deep knowledge of the staff at the Canberra Reading Clinic is outstanding, but it was also their kindness and gentle encouragement that shone through from our very first meeting.
Over the three terms that they worked with our son, he has transformed from a child who was hesitant to read and who regularly declared that he hated reading, to one that is learning to find great satisfaction in a good book.  The moment that I realised the impact of their work was when I spied him sitting down with his younger cousin and reading a story to her.  That would have been unimaginable 9 months ago. 
If you are on the fence about whether to engage with the Canberra Reading Clinic or not, don’t hesitate.  It will transform your child’s life. 


Canberra Reading Clinic have helped my daughter to become a reader! I cannot express my appreciation enough for the care and support her tutors have provided. Firstly their program is evidence based and effective. It is tailored to meet the student at their level and build up success. Secondly, and just as important, the tutors build confidence and trust and are able to manage complex behaviours. My daughter loves learning at the Canberra Reading Clinic. She has taken her first steps towards life long learning and belonging in the broader community – access that might otherwise be unobtainable. It is fantastic to see the world become more meaningful as she reads the names of shops and sign boards and is able to better decode the world around her.


Our son commenced with CRC when he was in year 1 and struggling to read. The program and the amazing tutors provided him with the skills and confidence to become a capable reader and keep up with his peers in the classroom. He has now very happily returned to CRC in year 4 to work on his spelling and writing skills. As parents, it is a joy to see our son enjoying books and getting his ideas and stories down on paper.