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Reading Clinic

It can be distressing for a parent to realise that their child is not reading like everyone else. Their concerns are invariably placated with a ‘wait and see’ approach. So they wait and see, but the problem persists. Sound familiar?

Hoping and praying that your child will ‘get it’ will not rectify a reading difficulty.

The ‘they’ll come good’ approach is neither a reliable, nor a satisfactory solution. It is a debunked theoretical term, known as ‘developmental lag theory’ or colloquially as the ‘late bloomer’. Studies conducted over several years have shown that students, who begin to ‘lag’ behind, usually end up ‘lagging’ behind their peers for the rest of their schooling.

It is common for a student around the Grade 3 level to fall noticeably behind their classmates. One reason for this is that the vocabulary starts to become more complex and the classroom sees a shift from ‘learning to read’ to ‘learning to read to learn’. Some may come good without intervention, but it is best if you don’t ‘wait and see’.

Supportive and welcoming environment

A large number of our students at the Clinic are dyslexic. If you require expert assistance, then the Canberra Reading Clinic can provide a supportive and welcoming environment for your child. Our focus is to remediate reading difficulties quickly. We want to change your child’s experience of reading from frustrating to functional to pleasurable. We are not a coaching service and we do not assist with homework per se. 

The Canberra Reading Clinic provides effective, research-based programs to assist students with their reading, spelling and writing skills. This is an integrated program approach designed to improve reading comprehension with an added focus on developing confident, happy readers! We cater for all school aged students.

Our Team


The Canberra Reading Clinic team have an excellent reputation and take great delight in being an integral part of a struggling reader’s progress to become more confident and able readers.

Tutors at the Canberra Reading Clinic are trained, experienced teachers or hold postgraduate degrees in allied disciplines. We provide expert assistance and an understanding of students with dyslexia. All tutors have had additional training in the implementation of systematic synthetic phonics and direct instruction techniques. The Managing Director oversees the implementation of our tuition sessions.

We pride ourselves in providing a safe, welcoming environment for our students. So you can be assured that your child will be working with committed and caring tutors for their tuition period.

We care about reading problems – we want your child to be afforded the best opportunity to rectify their reading difficulty and participate fully in the school curriculum.

It is not too late to intervene. Our aim is to broaden your child’s prospects to pursue life choices that may not have previously been possible or available to them.