“Hoping and praying that your child will ‘get it’ will not rectify a reading difficulty”

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Clinical Director

Jo Whithear is a reading specialist who previously spent many years teaching in Canberra schools. She holds a Masters Degree of Special Education. She has completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Research Methods (Special Education) at Macquarie University as a bridging course for doctoral research in reading and spelling difficulties. She is an adolescent reading specialist with a particular interest in spelling difficulties, reading fluency and comprehension strategies for struggling readers in the secondary school. Her commitment to on-going research and evidence-based reading programs means that prospective parents can be assured that the clinic is underpinned by effective, high quality instructional techniques. Jo enjoys writing research-based articles for local and national publications. Jo was a member of the ACT Taskforce on Students with Learning Difficulties. She is a current council member of Learning Difficulties Australia, past president of Dyslexia SPELD ACT and past vice-president of the national organisation AUSPELD. Jo is also a MultiLit workshop trainer. She presents workshops in Canberra and around Australia for her professional colleagues.

Jo is Canberra-born and resides on the north-side with her husband and 5 sons. Their daughter died unexpectedly in 2006.



Managing Director

Claerewyn Scroope has a Bachelor of Education Degree and is an experienced primary school teacher. She is currently undertaking postgraduate studies, specialising in reading difficulites. Claere has also been trained in RTP (MultiLit's Reading Tutor Program),  WAS-Ex (MultiLit's Word Attack Skills - Extension Program) and the SPELL-IT program. As Managing Director, Claere oversees the day to day operations of the Clinic, administers reading assessments, tutors students and liaises with parents and teachers. 'Scroopie', as she is affectionately known, regularly monitors each student in the Clinic to ensure progress is being made. All student data is recorded, graphed and feedback is provided to parents. Scroopie is also one of the nicest human beings you are ever likely to meet - the Clinic is truly fortunate to
have her heading up our team.



The Canberra Reading Clinic team have an excellent reputation and take great delight in being an integral part of a struggling reader’s progress to become more confident and able readers.

Tutors at the Canberra Reading Clinic are trained, experienced teachers or hold postgraduate degrees in allied disciplines. We provide expert assistance and an understanding of students with dyslexia. All tutors have had additional training in the implementation of RTP (MultiLit's Reading Tutor Program), WAS-Ex (MultiLit's Word Attack Skills Extension Program) and Spell-It. The Managing Director oversees the implementation of the programs.

We pride ourselves in providing a safe, welcoming environment for our students. So you can be assured that your child will be working with committed and caring tutors for their tuition period.

We care about reading problems – we want your child to be afforded the best opportunity to rectify their reading difficulty and participate fully in the school curriculum.

It is not too late to intervene. Our aim is to broaden your child’s prospects to pursue life choices that may not have previously been possible or available to them.