“Hoping and praying that your child will ‘get it’ will not rectify a reading difficulty”

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The Canberra Reading Clinic provides specialised reading assistance for low-progress readers, particularly students with dyslexia.

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We implement MultiLit's (Making Up Lost Time in Literacy) Reading Tutor Program (RTP), MultiLit's Word Attack Skills Extension Program (WAS-Ex), MiniLit, MacqLit and Spell-It.

RTP is recommended for children aged 7 years and up. It is not a beginning reading program, but a remediation program for students who have already received at least 2 years formal instruction at school (that is, from about Grade 2). The programs have been developed in Australia by leading reading research specialists.

WAS-Ex is recommended for students who need to develop their reading and spelling of more complex words. This is usually offered to students aged 10 years and above.

MiniLit is recommended for students aged from around 5 years and older. This program is suitable for younger students with a reading difficulty, however they may require a longer period of tuition for optimum benefit.

Spell-It is a targeted program that teaches the rules, conventions, structure and logic of the English language. This program is implemeted during the session for older students, usually in Year 4 and above.

The Canberra Reading Clinic (CRC) is also able to offer programs to assist students who may read well, but still experience difficulties in either spelling and/or writing. We provide tailored CRC programs to improve spelling and writing and to assist with the development of comprehension skills.

We also provide specialised assistance for adolescent low-progress readers to develop their higher level comprehension skills and to improve their understanding of expository text.

All students are required to complete one semester of tuition initially. Some may need to participate for longer and the Clinic will provide recommendations about further enrolment if this is necessary. A fee for this will be charged based on each extra school term.

The Clinic provides a written progress report approximately 8-10 weeks into the tuition process and again at the completion of the program.

Reading and Spelling Assessment and Report

The Canberra Reading Clinic provides comprehensive reading and spelling assessments. This assessment is a necessary pre-requisite to program entry as it allows us to determine firstly if your child is suitable for the reading program and secondly which program would be of most benefit. The report provides the parents with specific information on reading and spelling ability along with detailed analyses of the assessment battery. 

A reading assessment takes between 1 and 1.5 hours, depending on the age of the student. The cost is $650. If you decide to take up tuition, then $150 is deducted from the program cost.

The Canberra Reading Clinic can also provide an optional post-tuition assessment and report for $550. This assessment complements the pre-tuition tests administered at the beginning of the program. They provide information on your child’s language development, including spelling and reading ages.